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Welcome To My First Blog Post

Well hello everyone ...



I thought that I'd write my first blog post on the Eurostar train on my way back from France as it seems quite classy. Ok, so you don't know if I'm telling the truth about being on the Eurostar train, so it makes little difference ...

It was lovely to just kick back and write after such a great weekend!

It was lovely to just kick back and write after such a great weekend!

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I mean, I could be sitting on the bog at Bedford Railway Station for all you know, so you'll have to take it on trust to some degree.

I've just come back from a jolly little weekend in France where some good pals of mine invited me, my wife and daughter out for the weekend along with many members of my family for a French knees-up.

"And one hell of a weekend it was for us, partying all day and all night long."

I took along my array of Magic Gags to entertain the group and was amongst classical pianists, Opera singers and various other impromptu acts and a good time was had by all.

Although it was strictly a social event, I can never resist doing an act of some degree or other as one never knows when one may be invited over to France - or any other country - to perform a gig.

I also took my band's CD over. I belong to a comedy jazz band called The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs' who are an eight piece set up, and play about 5 times a year if we can mange to track down all of our members.

We recorded a CD a few years back called 'Unfinished Symp...' which sits about on iTunes and Amazon and fetches me in about £11.73 per annum in royalties, which means after 67 years I'll have paid for the recording session.

"I look at it as a long term investment."

Anyway, after a piano recital of a bit of Fred Chopin, the CD was put on and the audience had our rendition of 'The Monster Mash' which they took very well, helped in part by the copious amounts of wine and Ricard floating about.

So, here I am, on the way back now, thinking about what's on next. I've got a few auditions due as I'm an actor of sorts. When I say 'of sorts', I mean that I'm perfectly capable of playing certain roles, but I don't have a huge range. I tend to stick to what I know I can do, which in general are smallish comedy character types. I'm especially good at drunks, which seems curious as I don't drink, but as I always say, I did quite an intense period of rehearsal for that when I was younger.

For those interested, I don't do all that Method acting stuff. I just learn the part, understand it, listen to the director, get on with it, and then go home. Its the easiest way in my opinion. I was going to write a book about my method, but it was very short and seemed to undermine my friends in the acting business who've studied for up to 3 years about being a tree.

Every year I play an Ugly Sister in 'Cinderella', so if you wish to see my method, come along to Haverhill Arts Centre at Christmas, where Phil Hoyles (my 'Ugly Sister' partner) and I will be performing. I'm the short one.

Phil lives in Kent and I in North Bucks and we have embraced technology to some degree as we rehearse on Skype which saves on travel. Other than that, I'm not terribly good with the modern world although I can cope with emails and computers have made scriptwriting much easier. 'Getting the words down' I should say. It doesn't help with the content.

Interestingly, it has made music much simpler to write. I now have a programme that plays back what you've written and you can just adjust it on the page, so almost anyone can write music, which can only be a good thing.

"Imagine how many symphonies Beethoven could have knocked out if he'd have had the means that we have today?"

Anyway, the next thing to do is to cast the supporting roles in the stage version of Fawlty Towers which I'm directing for the MK Theatre of Comedy in September this year. Then I'll be casting 'Porridge' which will probably be on in September 2016.

Whilst singing the praises of Eurostar by saying it's quite classy, we got on the train at Lyon and it's been a bit different on the way home. At St Pancras, we went through the passport control with ease and then hopped on the train and went non stop to Lyon. On the way back we had to stop at Lille as Lyon don't have passport control.

We have to take our luggage off the train, queue up for about 2 hours, where no coffee shops were open and even the loos were closed and it's a nightmare especially with a 10 year old daughter. Then we got back onto the train. I'll be glad to be back in England.

To be honest I'm one of these old fashioned geezers who loves England. I like moaning about it sometimes, which is what being English is all about, but I do like to be back here.

"I shall be back next week with
my second blog post."

Incidentally, I had a slightly curious pie on the train which doesn't seem to agree with me, and am now actually finishing off this tome on the bog at Bedford Railway Station.

C'est La Vie.

Until next time ...


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David is the owner of David Pibworth Productions (DPP) which provide corporate entertainment and also actors for corporate training and development.

Having worked in the Light Entertainment field for many years and produced shows for Al Murray & Joe Pasquale amongst others, David is in a position to advise on well-known comedy and musical acts. DPP also represent Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's scripts which include Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son.

He is the director of MK Theatre of Comedy who are very well known locally for their stage adaptations of classic comedy scripts such as Fawlty Towers, The Vicar of Dibley, Allo Allo and many others.

He is a long-standing member of Equity and the Directors Guild of Great Britain and has acted in, and directed, many productions over the years, mainly in Light Entertainment, but with occasional forays into Shakespeare etc. Every Christmas he is contracted as an Ugly Sister in Cinderella, currently with 'That's Entertainment' who also use him as a director.

He teaches eccentric magic for The Pauline Quirke Academy and MKTOC also run a youth drama school in Olney from the DPP offices.

David maintains his busy lifestyle is a surefire way to avoid being on any committees. He is married to Julie, and they have one daughter, Esther and live in Clifton Reynes, surrounded by dogs, cats and horses. They live so close to the church that David has instructed his daughter - when he dies and not before - to fire him over the wall from a circus cannon.