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It would be remiss of me not to write something about the election of businessman Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States Of America ...

Introducing President-elect Donald Trump.

Introducing President-elect Donald Trump.

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As a former gambler, I'm very cross that someone has hijacked the word that until now meant the highest suit in cards. For others, he has hijacked a word that was a more socially acceptable way of saying 'fart'.

"Not a good start for someone
in my opinion."

Those poor Americans; they had a terrible choice really. This ghastly person or another nearly as ghastly person. It's a bit like having to vote for one of the Kray twins. You'd think that when the chips were down you'd vote for Reggie who was slightly mad rather than Ronnie who was certified mad. But then again, by all accounts, Ronnie was the most charismatic of the two, so perhaps that's what's important.

But there you have it, that's democracy again, and while many are questioning the result and the popular vote and so forth, it is the way that presidential elections have been held certainly in my lifetime, and they weren't arguing about it before, so they can hardly argue about it now.

Imagine the howls of laughter if Clinton had won and the Trump crowd were out demonstrating. Are the demonstrators on the street demonstrating against democracy? Surely, if you are marching against a democratic vote, then you're marching for dictatorship ... which is a curious one.

And Lord save me from all those who go around saying, "Not in my name". Democracy isn't in your name at all. If everything was in your name and no-one elses, it wouldn't be a democracy you pillocks. You win some, you lose some.

Anyway, as I look out of the window each morning I see no evidence of a mushroom cloud, and so we carry on. I did actually sit my 11-year-old daughter down to explain all this to her. I told her that regardless of the gloom merchants she would undoubtedly hear, it was merely a democratic vote which I didn't agree with and not to fret about anything she read or heard for the next year. There are going to be some extremely cross people around who have a brilliant time predicting the future ... which none of us can do.

"So onwards and upwards. We carry
on as normal."

And if I'm wrong? There will be no-one left to say I told you so, so at least I won't have to try to explain my views and admit my error. And for a gambler, that's a pretty good bet. It's the age-old gamble about believing in God. The gamble must be for there being one because if there is, you're on the right side, and if there isn't, it doesn't matter anyway.

And with that cheery thought, I'll just say I hope to see you all next week. Unless President-Elect Trump has different ideas ...

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