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The Joy Of The E-Cigarette

Happily annoying the antis ...



When the E-Cigarette first came in, I noticed that, initially, there were signs of depression from the anti-smoking brigade. What on earth were they going to complain about now?

If you want to annoy the antis, sit under a no smoking sign puffing on an e-Cigarette.

If you want to annoy the antis, sit under a no smoking sign puffing on an e-Cigarette.

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When the smoking ban came in, it was fine. Smokers were trying to still get away with having a crafty drag, but it was nigh on impossible for them to get away with it.

"You can see people lighting up from a distance."

The smell of tobacco is impossible to mask, even from someone who isn't that bothered about smoking, let alone a fanatic who's sole ambition is to stop people doing anything they don't like.

They were smelling it out from miles away and rather like the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they would come creeping in with their nets, saying "Tobacco, I can smell it" and exacting their revenge for the crime.

Then along comes the E-Cigarette and catches on. Impossible to smell, looks like a pen and is thought not to do anywhere near the damage in comparison to proper cigarettes.

"And addicts still get the nicotine hit that they need, as nicotine itself is no more dangerous than caffeine."

The anti-smoking brigade were depressed. Who would they hound now? Ok, there are still a few real smokers about, but they tend to abide by the law. It's these pesky E-Cigarettes that are catching on now, and they're being used in public places.

The antis would now need to become vegetarian to carry on their hobby, and shout out against bacon sarnies and Sunday lunches.

But then, praise the Lord, common sense prevailed, and restaurants, trains and other public places decided to ban E-Cigarettes purely because they didn't want more anti-meat protesters in. Sales of bacon could plummet.

"I see this as one of the more sensible bans in the country as it keeps public order."

The anti-smoking brigade can carry on searching out their villains, the villains can carry on getting their nicotine hit without effecting the health of those sitting near them, and if anything, the new rules have made the game more interesting as its nigh on impossible to spot someone vaping (as its apparently called) if they are being surreptitious about it.

I gave up smoking years ago, but I have an E-Cigarette with me at all times. I don't need it, but it is fun to sit under 'No Smoking' signs and use it. They have their hobby and I have mine, and all's well with the world.

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The Joy Of The E-Cigarette
Happily annoying the antis ...

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