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The EU Referendum: In Just Two Days Time

My final thoughts ...



I have put my blog on speech presentation on hold for this week due to the impending EU referendum, which is this coming Thursday. I wanted to get my final thoughts across to my readers ...

The EU Referendum is on the 23rd June. Don't forget to vote!

The EU Referendum is on the 23rd June. Don't forget to vote!

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Following the tragic death of the MP Jo Cox, murdered in broad daylight by one of her constituents, I thought it worth bringing up the referendum one last time. This Labour MP stood for many causes, not least democracy and decency and was killed by a maniac.

"That, I think, we can all agree on."

If anyone chooses to murder someone due to disagreeing with them, then I think he/she or they can be classified as a maniac. The same goes for the people who murdered the last standing MP, Ian Gow, in 1990, and those before that, the killers of Sir Anthony Berry, Rev Robert Bradford, and Airey Neave, all sitting MP's murdered for their views since 1979.

Having read the obituary of Jo Cox, I find I support most of what she stood for, especially the treatment of refugees which was a huge part of her life. Where I disagreed with her is on our membership of the EU, but I respected her view on why she supported it.

One quite sad aspect of her death is that I have even seen some people calling for the reintroduction of capital punishment as a result of it. While it is a totally absurd to imagine that capital punishment would ever be brought back in this country, I do think it shows a total lack of understanding of what someone like Jo Cox was all about.

"This EU campaign has had a terrible outpouring of abuse from both sides."

Even I've had a bit of it, and all I have ever done is to put forward the case for democracy, and my views are unlikely to change anyone as I'm not in the world of wanting to change other people's views but I do like to explain why I hold mine, in case anyone is interested.

In a way, I'm lucky because most of the people I disagree with are moderate and we can bicker about it over a cup of tea. Doesn't change any of our minds but it does give each of us a bit more insight into why others don't necessarily hold the same view.

Now that the campaign both for and against the EU has re-started, I do hope that people can put their views forward with a little bit more decency and positivity for the last couple of days.

"I shall vote to leave because that's
what I believe."

But I do hope that we as a nation accept the result with grace and do our best to make it work whichever way it goes, and remember that people, even in this country, have been murdered for standing up for democracy.

And we can still walk into that booth on Thursday and vote privately for what we believe in. So please make sure you do.

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