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The EU Referendum: Don't Lose Any Sleep About It

You probably won't notice much difference either way ...



The up and coming EU referendum on 23rd June seems to be bringing the worse out of people who are otherwise perfectly friendly, and this applies to both sides of the argument ...

Yes, the EU referendum is important but I wish people wouldn't get nasty about it.

Yes, the EU referendum is important but I wish people wouldn't get nasty about it.

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I know a chap who is anti the EU and will vote to leave and he's part of the 'Labour Leave' Campaign. Other than this issue, he's pretty much behind his parties current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, but he has had all sorts of accusations thrown at him.

I know some Conservatives who are pro the EU and they are accused of all manner of treachery by their Conservative colleagues. In fact they are all following a view - for one reason or another - that they believe in.

It is interesting, as I'm not even sure that David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn are really as pro the EU as they appear to be, but they've nailed their colours to the mast and fair do's to them.

Probably the most interesting view is from Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, who is supporting staying in the EU. The primary aim of the SNP is to get independence from the UK - the clue is in the name - and if the UK left the EU, then Nicola argues that if Scotland doesn't vote for it, then Scotland should have another referendum to leave the UK, so that Scotland can gain independence - and then join the EU.

Yes, yes, I know it sounds a bit odd, wanting to leave one union telling you what to do, to allow yourself to join another union telling you what to do. But that apart, if I were head of the SNP, I would be more open, encouraging Scotland to vote 'In' and the rest to vote 'Out', in order to give me another shot at independence because as sure as eggs are eggs, if we stay in the EU, then Scotland will never be free of the shackles of the UK.

"I belong to no political party
and never will."

I agree with bits of some of them and not other bits. This gets me some grief from both sides, but then I do write articles with the sole intent of stirring it up and would be disappointed if I didn't get a bit of mud thrown at me. I'm happy enough to catch it and throw it back if required. But I'm never 'nasty' about other people as it doesn't win arguments.

And the arguments are quite nasty from both sides at present. I have a feeling that in the end both sides will be saying "If you don't vote for us, you will all die on the 24th June 2016". It's that intellectual at the moment.

One way or the other, some people will win and some will lose and we will all have to work with one another at whatever the democratic outcome is, and surely the great thing is that we are actually having a vote on the matter.

I was 56 last week and I've never had a vote on it. Either way, we will carry on; we will not go to hell in a handcart. The British spirit will always stand above all - I know that as I watch repeats of Dad's Army.

Actually, I really believe we should have an In/Out vote on the EU every 20 years, thus giving every generation a chance to have their say, but then I'm a horrible believer in democracy. I'm told that is unworkable. It occurs to me that it is only unworkable if the EU are proposing to put things in place that are irreversible which is the very reason I'm wary of it. My simplistic view, as I've mentioned many times, is as below:

That said, I will not be nasty about people who don't agree with me. I might pull legs about lack of democracy, but I won't be vindictive and bang on about personalities who do or don't support my view.

There's some rum coves on either side, which makes it all the more interesting, but for goodness sake don't vote one way or the other because of a personality. I quote Tony Benn purely because I happen to agree with that quote that he made. I don't hold him up as some great guru. I just happen to agree with that particular statement and it was a point well made.

Bear in mind that Enoch Powell agreed with that and they shared a platform on many an occasion, so people who disagree on many aspects can come together in a specific belief. And that works on both sides of the argument.

"Anyway, make sure you get your vote in."

Have a good night's sleep on the 23th June as it won't make any difference if you sit up all night watching it and then carry on as normal. You probably won't notice much difference either way.

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