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The Cash Cows And The Rip-Off Merchants

What is wrong with these people?



I'm sure it's been written about many times before, but has anyone else noticed how airports and motorway service stations are the biggest rip-off merchants going?

Airports and motorway service stations are rip-off merchants, but I do like a good VIP Lounge.

Airports and motorway service stations are rip-off merchants, but I do like a good VIP Lounge.

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Everything sold in an airport is at least 25% more than any high street shop. Bear in mind that the normal shops do make a profit on what they sell, so have worked out their profit margin.

"I remember going into a service station once where it said 'Free WiFi'."

Great thought I; so I went and asked someone how to get onto it and she said "It's £10". I questioned that the advert saying it was free was really being up front, and she said, "Oh, you only pay it once, and then it's free forever".

I said "Well, I'm just going to buy a shirt, and I shall pay for it once, and after that, it will be free forever, but I don't think they'd get away with advertising free shirts on that basis would they?" She looked confused, shrugged and wandered off. I think they are taught how to do this.

It beats me as to why they don't make airports and service stations friendly and reasonably priced. Ok, I know they have a guaranteed clientele, but surely if they priced their bottles of water at £1.75 instead of £3.50, they would sell more. They only catch people who are really in a rush and have no other option, and the customer leaves feeling ripped off ... as indeed they have been.

If I were in charge of them, I would work out that I should sell more goods at a sensible price and that the customer would be happy, but I suppose they don't care, which helps it make the wretched experience that it normally is.

"When I'm not in a rush I go to those VIP lounges which you pay about £20, but in my opinion are worth it."

You get a comfy seat, free newspapers and food and drink, all in the price and I reckon if you can get there two hours before your flight you can tuck away thirty quids worth easily - and more if you drink alcohol - which I don't. You get free WiFi, and the staff are pleasant and welcoming. But it's a shame that one has to do that just for a bit of comfort.

It occurs to me that everyone is obsessed with money. OK, we all need to earn it, and I am quite defined when it comes down to any contract that I sign for work, but it's always what I'm worth and not about trying to screw more money out of a company. I just want them to get their money's worth and for everyone to feel good about the deal.

However you only need to look at the BBC pay scales to see greed, and they don't even pay women the same as men for the same job which is quite unbelievable in this day and age. No wonder the BBC were trying to hush it all up.

"And look at the EU and the Leave vote."

All everyone is concerned about is money. How much can they screw out of the UK for leaving their rich man's club? I can't honestly believe that the EU actually cares if we are a member or not. What does it matter to them?

All I ever voted for was for our politicians to be directly accountable to us and to make the decisions on all aspects of our country and then we can choose to kick them out and get a new lot in every 5 years. The EU is a deceitful, corrupt, money wasting experiment, and thankfully, our two main parties are for it. Vote LibDem if you want to ignore the vote.

We may well be a bit poorer for a few years until it's all sorted out but that's a price I am very happy to pay for accountability, and perhaps the airports and service stations should take heed.

Your profits may drop for a short while, but eventually you will have happy people sitting comfortably, eating and drinking at a sensible price and saying how decent it all is, without having to pay extra - as I do - by visiting the VIP area; or as I call it the Eurozone, as not everyone can afford it.

And I'm not even a socialist.

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