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Staging: Help Your Performers Be Seen And Heard

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The thing about any performance is to be seen and heard. That sounds obvious, but when you have a choir on staging, one of the main reasons people come is to see people they know singing ...

Our staging can be adjusted to any height to ensure everyone is seen and heard.

Our staging can be adjusted to any height to ensure everyone is seen and heard.

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If you take a normal stage and put two rows of singers on it, then the back row won't be seen. The biggest event we've recently had is where a school had hundreds of children in groups on our large outdoor stage, so we extended it.

"All the mums and dads could then see their little ones performing and everyone was happy."

Also the sound engineers need to be able to see the stage when they're working and so we sort that out as well. They normally don't need too much room as the main equipment they have is on stage. They just need somewhere to work from.

It also helps that they are above as occasionally you get a member of the public trying to be 'helpful' by doing the mixing for them and if they're above the ground it stops all this. Believe me it happens.

So we pop them on their own rostra with barriers, and the speakers are usually best placed off stage too so we do that as well. Have a look at the photo's here and you will see all I've spoken about:

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