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Spamalot: Out And About in MK And Stony Stratford

Meeting the public and having fun ...



On Saturday, the actors from Spamalot donned their costumes and came out of our rehearsals to do a local publicity walk, or trot around, perhaps I should say ...

Spamalot has been great fun to put together. We're all really looking forward to the show.

Spamalot has been great fun to put together. We're all really looking forward to the show.

Permission was granted for a visit to the new part of the shopping centre from Intu in Milton Keynes, and off we went, coconuts at the ready.

It was great fun. After the fairly heavy rehearsal process, it did the actors a lot of good just to go out and interact with the public. It also does us a lot of good to realise how popular Spamalot is. People were coming up, of all ages, to have their photo's taken with them.

I was not in my costume of course, and so I lurked about doing the occasional magic trick for the very young ones who have yet to hear of Monty Python. I also got into a discussion with Python fans.

I've got a bit of form on Python having adapted 'Ripping Yarns' to the stage written by Michael Palin and Terry Jones and also having occasionally worked with Neil Innes, he of the Bonzo Dog DooDah Band, who wrote some of the Python music.

I was accosted by a German who remembered the adaptations of Monty Python that were put out in Germany in the 70's. Interestingly they did some of the sketches in German as I remember 'The Lumberjack Song' being one of them.

My German friend said that while he enjoyed it, some German's didn't get it which didn't surprise me greatly as goodness knows how you translate Python sketches into any foreign language.

I lived in Germany for some time and found that the easiest way to get a laugh was to fart, but then that may reflect the kind of bars I frequented rather than a broad statement of their sense of humour.

It is also the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes and so it's fitting really that we give everyone a bit of fun on behalf of the city. It gets a bit of criticism from some quarters, but to tell you the truth, it's quite a fun old place in many ways, and certainly that came over in our publicity shots. Everyone enjoyed it.

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