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Let Us Cheer Up Your Event This Summer

It's not just staging we hire out ...



Well, we've had almost all of our staging out for a gig where a choir was required to be seen. What we did was to extend the main stage out with our portable staging, and the client was delighted ...

Our main stage and portable staging combined to accommodate a choir.

Our main stage and portable staging combined to accommodate a choir.

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The portable staging can be put up at any height, so assuming the weather holds we can have anything from orchestras and choirs to cars and boats on it. Brian and I get the stage up quickly and efficiently and the photo of it out last week is shown above.

Also, we have the Aston Martin back into action. So if you need a 1955 classic car for any photo shoots or to brighten up a display give me a call. It's a DB2/4 Mk 2 and although hellishly difficult to drive, it is something of a gem. I lovingly call her Doris.

Possibly the strangest thing we have ever acquired is a TukTuk bar which currently resides in The Winchester Club at Clifton Reynes where a group of eccentric people play snooker every month. Have TukTuk Bar, will travel.

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