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Fenny Poppers: One Of My Favourite Gigs

And then I'm off to Calais ...



Every year, I get to attend a variety of music festivals, country shows and local fairs by hiring out our staging. One of my favourite gigs is Fenny Poppers, the annual festival at Fenny Stratford ...

I love hanging out at Fenny Poppers and watching the bands

I love hanging out at Fenny Poppers and watching the bands

It's one of those events where it's just a joy to turn up. The organisers greet us cheerily and by the time we've got the stage up and running, they have bacon sarnies on the go for everyone involved in setting up the event.

M'colleague, the one and only Mr T, brings a flask of coffee to start the day and like all good workmen, we have a cuppa while scratching our heads for 5 minutes. Then we tell each other the jokes we have heard since we last met. (Mr T is Brian Two, actor, comedian and comedy writer).

"Then we put up the stage which takes about an hour or so."

If you wonder what happens at the end, then just look at the photos in reverse order. I mustn't forget to mention the sound engineers who come and put up the PA system as their job often takes longer than ours. They work very hard to get everything in place, and then have to make sure that the sound is good all day - which is not an easy job - and they were excellent yesterday.

We had the pleasure of watching a band called 'Mad Mods and Englishmen' who are brilliant and had everyone up and dancing. I stayed around and did some walkabout magic for the crowds for a bit of fun and with the help of the weather the day was great.

If you want Mr T and I to come along and sort out your staging for the day then just contact me, and look at for details of the staging that we can provide.

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