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Brexit: The Fightback Begins

Time to challenge the doom merchants ...



As a confirmed Brexiter - and I was one at least 30 years before the word came into existence - I think the time has finally come to challenge the misery and self-pity of the Remain camp ...

I'm really quite annoyed at the brexit result and I'm not going to stop complaining about it ... ever.

I'm really quite annoyed at the brexit result and I'm not going to stop complaining about it ... ever.

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They've now had a few weeks to come to terms with it and while I always accept that we have a right to fight and change things (after all, it took me 30 years of my life to get the country heading out of the dishonest mess of the EU), I do believe we've reach a point where the Remain camp should start to focus on a new campaign to get us back in again, and stop banging on about how stupid the Brexit supporters are.

"Get your campaign into order and, who knows, in 30 years you could be as successful as we were."

When this referendum came along, I decided that whatever the result, I'd accept it. I wrote that in various articles and blog posts. I might not like it, but I'd go with it. If we stayed in I'd support it.

I truly believed that Remain would win as they'd had lots of money to thrown at it, but when Leave won, I just assumed that most people would do much the same as me and accept the result.

How wrong was I? Many of the rich middle class aren't used to losing and it sits badly with them because they couldn't buy the result.

They firstly threatened to move abroad. Well, that's fine. Plenty of people emigrate for many reasons, but I'm not sure that having a tantrum is an especially wise one. Ponce out of the country in a strop and you might be surprised at how few people care.

"You might even be in that awful situation when you have offers of people helping you to pack."

After changing their mind and deciding they quite liked the UK, they then threatened to move to Scotland to live with like-minded people in a castle which costs about the same as a semi-detached in Ealing.

They then realised that it takes a lot longer and is more expensive to get to rural France than Inverness, and they don't really like fishing or golf and so now they have to be content to go around proudly proclaiming to being 'ashamed' of being British.

That's fine for most of the time because they do tend only to socialise with like minded bods and so they can do a group 'ashamed' which gives them all a sense of ... well, something or other I expect. And the rest of us something to laugh at.

Then they realise, like me, that the best thing to do is to stay in the UK and visit other countries or even buy a holiday cottage somewhere and get the best of both worlds. Simples, as they say.

I was in a very busy fish and chip shop in Cornwall yesterday when a middle aged hippy lady came in. After telling off the owner for not doing Sweet Potato fries and generally being a pain in the arse, she retreated to the back of the shop to wait with a very timid looking male hippy where she spoke loudly about having to wait for her food. She was another who was ashamed of the country coming out of Europe and how European she felt and how many friends she had in Europe.

As I was leaving I said to her ''Could I just point out that this country is still in Europe and always will be geographically. We have merely democratically agreed to leave the European Union who are a fraud-ridden elitist club run by a dictatorship.

We will still be friendly with all of our neighbours and have trading agreements with them all, but be in a position to elect and unelect our government who will be directly accountable to the electorate, of which both you and I are a part

There was a silence and then a round of applause from the shop; even the man frying the chips came out and clapped. I honestly don't think that she'd ever met anyone who didn't agree with her. Even her timid friend grinned and seemed to enjoy the moment.

I took my moment, did a small, modest bow to the crowd and left the shop. I considered going back to do my old stand-up act about entering a dog at Crufts, but thought I may lose the moral high ground so I left it at that.

"So I think it is about time to challenge the doom merchants."

Tell them it's about time they got a grip and started to support the decision. Don't be rude, keep more or less to the script above and you'll get a standing ovation ...

... well, at least 52% of the time.

Until next time ...


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