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Brexit: Final Thoughts From A Democratic Moaner

Questions that never got answered ...



I voted to leave in the recent Brexit referendum as I've always distrusted the hierarchy of the EU. My reasons are summed up by Tony Benn as in the photo below. No need to go over all that again now it's all over bar the shouting ...

These question have never been answered so I voted for brexit in the recent referendum.

These question have never been answered so I voted for brexit in the recent referendum.

At present, I especially distrust Jean-Claude Juncker, the chain-smoking alcoholic. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against chain-smoking alcoholics; many of my best friends are chain smoking alcoholics, but none - to my knowledge - have any input into how our country is run.

"I thought that the remain
camp would win."

Even when I was watching the results coming in, early on, I thought that. So I sat watching it and considered what I'd do if they won and how I, as a democratic moaner for many years and someone who has long supported a referendum on this matter, would react if remain won.

I thought of positive ways that we could go forward even in a union that I have long considered dishonest, undemocratic and wasteful. There could be ways to go forward I thought, and if they won, the best thing to do would be to congratulate the remain team and try to look at a positive way forward. We've had our vote and I could never argue again that we, the electorate, have not had a say.

"But leave won and I was quite
pleased about that."

I didn't dance naked through the streets of Milton Keynes with a Union Flag attached to my willy, or crack open tinnies of cider or post inflammatory stuff on Facebook. I knew some people would be upset over it, and it's a serious matter.

I was just pleased that we would come out of the European Union and that we would need to stick together as I would have done had we voted to stay in. I'm not one of those who does all that 'Not In My Name' stuff.

"Democracy doesn't work that way."

I don't mind people having a go at me at all, as I don't fall out with people, but just have a think about it all before you alienate people who might really be your friends.

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