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Behind The Scenes Of Fawlty Towers

I think we're just out of Waldorfs ...



We've just been constructing the set for Fawlty Towers. The plans for the set, which include upstairs scenes have been prepared, and blueprints of how it all fits together have been drawn up by the set designers months in advance of us moving in ...

We'll be ready for technical and dress rehearsals by Sunday!

We'll be ready for technical and dress rehearsals by Sunday!

But there's nothing like the day of the set build to see if it all works. We have one day in which to 'get in' and have everything set up and ready for stage rehearsals,

Firstly, we bring it all in. There's metre high staging for the bedrooms and all the flats used to build the different rooms, plus a variety of props such as a laundry basket which has to be rolled around with Manuel in it. We need to check if it gets through the doors. We have a dead body to drag about so is there enough room for that in the corridors?

"How do they get him downstairs without really killing him? Can the audience see everything?"

There's a great deal to do on the get in day to check all will be well with the 5 days rehearsal that the actors have on the set. It's not long, so we can do without any hiccups.

Behind the scenes are the lighting designers, the sound man, the props department and in one day it needs to be ready for the set to be decorated, the costumes to come in, the makeup, the actors and all the rest of the team which go to making a production work.

And ultimately, when you the audience get here, you will see scenes like this taking place in a smooth running, and in this case, last ever visit to Fawlty Towers for the MK Theatre of Comedy.

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