The Pink Panther: It's Audition Time!

The Pink Panther films have always been a favourite of mine especially the farcical and bumbling nature of Clouseau ...

Mix that in with the murderous madness of Dreyfus and the element of surprise from Cato, and it just encapsulates my sort of comedy so wonderfully. The films are a massive hit with all ages and continue to stand the test of time.

"And this is why I want to bring it to
The Arches Theatre this year!"

I'm pleased to announce that local man John Drinkwater will be directing the production. He has a wealth of experience behind him, both on the stage and behind the scenes so I know this is going to be a great success.

The main characters have already been cast. Jon Davis is playing the clumsy Jacques Clouseau and you are in for a real treat here as it will be like watching Peter Sellers himself on our stage.

Cato will be played by the fantastic and acrobatic Anna Wingrath. We're not going to say much more about this part, but all you need to know is that it will be a real spectacle that you will not want to miss!

Ever since I saw 'A Shot in the Dark', when Chief Inspector Dreyfus was first introduced, I had a real liking for him. Watching him become increasingly insane as the films went on from working alongside the French inspector, was a real joy! And with all that in mind, I'm thrilled to say that I will be playing the role of Dreyfus.

As you know the Pink Panther involves more than just three characters, so we are now looking for more actors to join our production. Are you interested?

We will have a relaxed read through in Clifton Reynes on Tuesday 30th April at 7.30pm. If you are interested in reading for a role, please contact me directly, and I will forward a script to you.

We are an amiable bunch, if I do say so myself, so do come along as it will be fun and very informal. We'll most certainly throw in some tea and biscuits!

"The performance dates are 15 – 17 August!"

If you choose not to audition, why not come and see the finished production?! Tickets are on sale now!

If you'd like to find out more about anything I've written here, call me on 01234 241357 or leave a comment below and I'll be in touch.