The Arches Theatre: Romeo and Juliet To Open The 2019 Season

The first production at the Arches Theatre in 2019 will be Romeo and Juliet. You may have spotted it was originally Richard III ...

However, The Wet Mariners (the troupe bringing it to the Arches Theatre), and produced the sell out 'As You Like It' last year contacted me last week to let us know of the change. I'm delighted as I can see an interesting balcony scene coming up.

"It's is on the 10th August and is for one night only"

We are still working on the box office system so tickets are not yet on sale, but for those of you who want to come please email me and we will notify you as soon as we have the date for the box office going live. It's worth doing so as we did well out last year within a couple of weeks of tickets going on sale and there are only 130 tickets to sell.

We're encouraging you to get to the venue early and to bring a picnic and enjoy a whole evening knowing you will see a superb show with the added bonus that as you can bring your own drinks and won't be paying theatre booze prices. Now, that's what I call added value.

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