Taking Our Stage Trailer Further Afield

Every year we take our stage trailer a little further afield, to an event in Sussex. It's an annual French market at Heathfield ...

This our 8th year travelling to the event and this morning, I spoke to the organisers and none of us could remember how it came about that a stage company from Milton Keynes gets an annual gig in Sussex as there must be stage companies closer.

"However, I do know why they keep using us."

It's because we're always early and always cheerful when we get there. Even if it's raining and windy. Also, the stage is of good quality and well maintained.

Every year they have a meeting and anything that works well and is easy to organise the committee keep in place. And we work well and make it all easy for them. That's how we get a lot of our gigs for the stage every year, and that's how we intend to keep going.

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