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All The World's A Stage

Mr T and Mr P are merely players ...



During the summer months - and occasionally in the winter - David Pibworth Productions wheel out the stage trailer for events. We have a cheeky little stage. We tow it onto the site and it takes just a little while to set it up ...

We bring the stage on a trailer and it's setup ready for lighting and sound within the hour.

We bring the stage on a trailer and it's setup ready for lighting and sound within the hour.

So, not only is it a great stage and looks good, but it only takes two people to put it up in around an hour – and that includes a tea break.

One of the selling points of this stage is us. Brian Two, an actor colleague and friend of mine and I put it up. We turn up well before anyone else and we leave after everyone has gone.

"First in – last out as it were, rather like in my drinking days in my favourite London boozer, The Fuzzy Duck."

What one needs to do on these occasions is to get on with everyone and to realise that everyone has their jobs to do and all are equally important – or unimportant depending on your take on life - in order to get the event up and running.

We work alongside sound and lighting engineers to get the event on its feet as quickly as possible. Where Brian and I score highly is that we do everything with a great deal of humour.

We have our tee-shirts with the company on the back and 'Mr P' and 'Mr T' on the front and invariably, by the time we are into the job, everyone knows who we are and call us 'Mr P' and 'Mr T'. We shout instructions to one another "Mr P, have you got the bolts for the legs?" "Yes Mr T, I have them here".

We even have a Health and Safety code worked out. "Number 3, Check Mr T" – "Number 3 checked Mr P". It means nothing whatsoever, but we enjoy shouting to one another.

Regardless of the weather and situation, Mr P and Mr T just get on with it and enjoy meeting all the people involved in different organisations. We are also well away by the time the 'Artistes' get to do their sound checks which is a blessing. By that time we have either gone, or are having breakfast somewhere.

This Saturday, we took the stage to Sussex for a Rotary event. We left at 07.30, arrived at 10.45 and had it up by midday when the sound and lights turned up. Obviously we weren't going anywhere and so we waited until the lights were up and then put the stage to its final height thus saving the sound and light guys having to totter about on step ladders.

We then went into Heathfield and found a bistro where we lunched. We like to eat well and it is part of the David Pibworth Productions ethos that whoever is working the stage gets fed and watered well on the company.

So here we are:

That's our starters of bread and olives. We had a jolly good lunch and the most extraordinary pudding:

This was Peanut Butter Mouse with sticky banana cake, caramalised banana, a mini meringue and toffee sauce.

While eating we discussed - in some depth - the Greek Euro problem, the Labour leadership contest, our favourite characters from Wacky Races and who on earth came up with the combination of the pudding we were eating. We then had a coffee and some mints and took a stroll through the town.

We went back to the event, took out our chairs and watched the entertainment which finished at about 22.00. It took the sound and lighting guys quite a while to clear everything and we finally dropped the stage, secured it all and were the only people, save one security chap, on site, but we were still cheerful.

We drove home and I got to bed at 04.35. So a longish day, but there you go. Who can I complain to? Me I suppose and I just don't take any notice of myself. It's business and that's that.

"And the reason we keep getting the business is that we make the most of whatever we do."

We cheer people up with Brian's various mad characters he drops into (especially his 'Scotsman') and my magic tricks. We tell jokes and observe people and we never get grumpy about anything. Oh and we do the job well.

I'm not sure that I could run a corporate workshop on the success of this business and I'm not sure I'd want to, but it works for us and that's the main thing. If you'd like to find out more then visit our Stage Trailer Hire website.

Have fun and don't try to be important, that's our rule.

Until next time ...


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More about David Pibworth ...

David is the owner of David Pibworth Productions (DPP) which provide corporate entertainment and also actors for corporate training and development.

Having worked in the Light Entertainment field for many years and produced shows for Al Murray & Joe Pasquale amongst others, David is in a position to advise on well-known comedy and musical acts. DPP also represent Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's scripts which include Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son.

He is the director of MK Theatre of Comedy who are very well known locally for their stage adaptations of classic comedy scripts such as Fawlty Towers, The Vicar of Dibley, Allo Allo and many others.

He is a long-standing member of Equity and the Directors Guild of Great Britain and has acted in, and directed, many productions over the years, mainly in Light Entertainment, but with occasional forays into Shakespeare etc. Every Christmas he is contracted as an Ugly Sister in Cinderella, currently with 'That's Entertainment' who also use him as a director.

He teaches eccentric magic for The Pauline Quirke Academy and MKTOC also run a youth drama school in Olney from the DPP offices.

David maintains his busy lifestyle is a surefire way to avoid being on any committees. He is married to Julie, and they have one daughter, Esther and live in Clifton Reynes, surrounded by dogs, cats and horses. They live so close to the church that David has instructed his daughter - when he dies and not before - to fire him over the wall from a circus cannon.