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A Week In The Life Of David Pibworth

A bit of this and that ...



We had a very relaxed gig in Sussex last week where David Pibworth Productions supplied the stage. My colleague Mr T and I drive up the night before and stayed at my sister-in-law's place ...

From stage hire to rehearsals, it's all go, go, go in the world of David Pibworth.

From stage hire to rehearsals, it's all go, go, go in the world of David Pibworth.

It was just 5 miles away which meant we could get in the place at 05.30, have the stage set up by 07.30 and were back at the sister-in-law's house for breakfast by 08.00. We then returned to the stage at about 16.00, took it down and went home.

"Perfect work for us, especially as the day was a brilliant summer day and everyone was happy."

Then I got back to the office where a number of Tony Hancock and Steptoe and Son shows are being contracted, So I sort those out, and then pop along to see Rocky the horse who played the role of Hercules, Steptoe's horse in our stage production.

Only for the photo's you understand. He didn't appear on stage. Anyway, he's retired now, but he still lives with us and is something of a star in our livery yard. Lovely old chap, and I go and say hello most days.

Then I put my mind to the serious stuff. My company provides corporate actors for businesses for training, and we have a training day on Monday and so I worked on that. We have to contract actors in who can play regular people. The last thing you want with a corporate actor is one who is proving that he could play King Lear. They need to be capable of playing low key, and we have to be careful who we hire for these jobs, and so I get all that ready.

Then I move onto 'Spamalot' for a bit, which I'm directing locally (I'll give more details as it gets closer to Feb 2017) to work out a lengthy rehearsal schedule. A different type of actor needed from the above as you can imagine (although some can do both). The main thing about working out a rehearsal schedule is to make the most of the time available, and also not to have actors hanging around doing nothing.

Working out a rehearsal schedule is a total nightmare. The actual rehearsals are easy once you have the right cast, but working out the schedule?


So then back home where we have a load of 4-week old black labs and a few people are coming to view them. We have a litter about every 5 years, and my wife has a brilliant reputation for producing superb puppies ... if you see what I mean.

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