Young Moviemakers Are Back At Sparks Olney!

We hit the play button on Sunday on the January term of our fun, weekly filmmaking sessions. It was great to welcome back some familiar faces and also a number of new ones. Our group of young students gelled instantly ...

It was a fantastic session full of conversation, creative energy and fresh, new ideas. After our highly skilled tutors, David and Emily, carried out the classroom element of the session, where they discussed and refreshed the filmmaking process, equipment, creative roles etc, they introduced our students to this terms theme.

Each term we have a new theme to work with to keep our student's creativity alive enabling them to turn their hand to new ways of thinking and try new moviemaking techniques. This term we are working with the theme Double Acts!

This covers everything from Laurel and Hardy to Bonnie and Clyde. It also looks at buddy movies where a film portrays a close friendship between two people and also films where the two main characters hate each other.

There are so many different elements and avenues that students can go down to really explore creativity, ideas and group work. Watch this space to see what comes out of these discovery sessions. This is going to be another exciting term for us here at Sparks Olney.

Don't think that just because our term has just started that you won't be able to join. Students can join at any point. Our tutors are extremely supportive, nurturing and knowledgeable and will help all our students to succeed in their time with us.

Our sessions are very much hands-on as this is the best way for young people to learn. It allows them to really experience the moviemaking process and get a feel of what they are able to do and what they have a passion for.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining us for a free moviemaking trial session, take a look at our website to discover more. Our sessions run every Sunday from 10am - 12pm at The Olney Centre, Olney.

If you'd like to find out more about anything I've written here, call me on 01234 241357 or leave a comment below and I'll be in touch.