We’ve Raised £2,000 For The National Brain Appeal

Thank you to everyone who came to see Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy (MKTOC) in their brilliant production of Ripping Yarns at The Arches outdoor theatre this summer ...

You helped us raise £2,000 for The National Brain Appeal's capital appeal, The Rare Dementia Support Centre. This grand total came from ticket sales and generous donations. It is an amazing total, but we would love to get it even higher, and we need your help.

"The National Brain Appeal is a charity committed to improving the outcome and quality of life for all those affected by a neurological condition!"

All funds raised by The Arches and MKTOC will go towards the charity's capital appeal, The Rare Dementia Support Centre, which is the world's first centre of excellence for rarer dementias.

The Arches Theatre and MKTOC chose the charity because the brilliant Terry Jones, who co-wrote Ripping Yarns alongside Michael Palin, sadly died in 2020 from frontotemporal dementia. David Pibworth (owner of The Arches and director of Ripping Yarns at The Arches) also lost his father to dementia. So, this is a charity close to all our hearts.

This is the second year that we have worked with MKTOC to raise vital funds for this incredible charity. In 2021 we raised £10,000, again through ticket sales and donations, and our total was match-funded by an anonymous supporter!

It would mean the world to us if we could reach this figure again through fundraising and match-funding. Can you help? If you feel that you could donate to this wonderful cause, please do get in touch with us directly as we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising so far and of course to Michael Palin for giving us the rights free of charge to be able to do this.

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