We Did It! Raising £10k For The National Brain Appeal

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to see Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy's stage adaptation of 'Ripping Yarns' at The Arches Theatre this summer. Through ticket sales and kind donations, we were able to reach our fundraising target of £5,000 for dementia charity, The National Brain Appeal ...

Reaching this amazing total meant that we automatically entered the charity's match funding scheme, which saw our amount doubled to £10,000 by an incredibly generous anonymous donor.

"We would not have been able to raise this phenomenal amount without your help!"

The Arches Theatre and MKTOC were given kind permission by Michael Palin and Alison, the wife of the late Terry Jones both of Monty Python fame, to stage three tales from the comedy series.

Together we chose to raise valuable funds for The National Brain Appeal, because the brilliant Terry Jones sadly died last year from frontotemporal dementia, and David Pibworth (owner of The Arches) also lost his father to dementia. So, this is a charity close to all our hearts.

My wife Julie and I were lucky enough to attend an event at The National Brain Appeal in London on Monday (25th October) to present our fundraising cheque to Julia Lipton from the charity, Michael Palin and Alison Jones. It was a remarkable day!

I am so proud that with your help we were able to give this life-changing amount of money to this amazing charity. I know how much it will benefit patients and their quality of life.

We are forever grateful for your generosity.

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