The Perfect Christmas Gift For Young Filmmakers

Looking for the perfect gift for that young filmmaker in your life? At Sparks Arts Olney, we inspire young people with a passion for filmmaking and give them hands-on experience in the movie-making process ...

Students step into each and every role, learning both the creative and technical aspects, including pitching, storyboarding, scriptwriting, directing shots, camera operation and film editing. They even get to try their hand at being in front of the camera.

Our action-packed and hands-on workshops get children and teenagers the chance to work on their own productions and explore new themes and techniques. We work in small groups, so everyone gets a chance to have their say and develop ideas.

"Over the last year, our students have created a range of films using different techniques they have learnt each term!"

This term we've been looking at Alfred Hitchcock and his filming and directing styles. Our students filmed some fantastic suspense scenes by using homemade dollies and also carrying out complicated shots such as trombone shots. It has been great fun for us all.

Our sessions give young people a chance to try something new, boost their confidence, gain new skills and meet other young people with similar interests. This is a wonderful experience and a fantastic Christmas gift for that budding young Steven Spielberg or Kathryn Bigelow.

Why not join us at a free taster session? We meet every Sunday at The East Street Community Centre in Olney between 10am and 12pm. Click here to visit our website and discover more.

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