The Arches Theatre: Certainly No Washout For The Wet Mariners

The heavens may have opened on Saturday when we kicked off our summer live theatre schedule, but it certainly didn't dampen our spirits. We were delighted to welcome our first audience of 2020 to The Arches Theatre ...

We filled the outdoor auditorium with excited guests who, like us, were desperate to see a live performance once again. There was a real buzz, which is something that has been sorely missed by everyone involved.

"The Wet Mariners, regardless of having a reduced cast of four, gave an incredible performance!"

Their imaginative, hilarious and playful take on The Comedy of Errors was made even more comical by the pouring rain and wet stage, resulting in unforeseen slippages (no one was hurt), great adlibbing and slow-motion fight and chase scenes! But as ever the professionals, they took it in their stride and the show went on.

All this mixed with brilliantly timed quick changes, fascinating dance moves from Tom, audience participation and just superb acting from the whole cast, this performance was a true masterpiece! The Wet Mariners and their version of this Shakespeare comedy was the perfect live production to open with.

As Jamie said, "It was so important we did a show this year. We hope we bought some joy in this moment of darkness." And you most certainly did!

Thank you to everyone who ventured out in the rain to join us. We hope you had a great experience, despite the wet weather. And a special thank you to The Wet Mariners and The Arches Theatre team who helped make live theatre possible again at our outdoor venue.

We are so proud to be able to support artists at a time when they need it most, and help our industry come alive again. If you want to join us for some more live theatre and music this summer, we have some fantastic performances coming up.

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