Stage Hire: Are You Running An Event This December?

So here we are then. Winter is here and it's that time of year for me to remind people that our staging is available for hire ...

That's anything from small staging for ceremonies through to our brand new stage trailer which can cope with a decent size orchestra.

"It's been a busy year so far!"

We had our portable staging out for church choirs, village fetes, catwalks, and we even built a two-tier set for a production over the summer. The stage trailer has been off to various events, some local, some in London and the Midlands.

The portable staging can come at many different heights. The standard is 400 mm which is generally used for bands and shows, but we also stock 200 mm, 600mm and 1000mm legs, and can do a multi-level setup.

Apart from the fact that our new portable staging is the most modern available (and can take 1 tonne on each 2m by 1m section, so good for car shows) it comes with all the safety requirements such as safety rails and, if required, disabled ramps.

"I mention disabled ramps as it is an area that some stage hire firms forget!"

I had a ramp designed specifically for the purpose of getting wheelchairs onto the portable stage. I looked at the safety side of it and designed some runners for the sides of the ramp so that it's impossible for the wheelchair to slip off on its way up or down.

Although I'd looked at a stand-alone disabled ramp, I decided that for safety reasons it should connect to the stage in the same way as all the other sections fit together, so that there is no chance that it can float away from the stage, leaving a dangerous gap, which is a problem that some designs have had. I'm quite pleased with the result, as are the health and safety people who occasionally fetch up to check on these matters.

Another selling point for our staging is that when we come and put it up, we make it as easy as possible for the client. We are first in and last out. We get in as early as required and pick it up as late as you want. We are always cheerful about it, whatever the time is!

It works really well both ways, as the client is often stressed about the event and a couple of easy-going people helping often takes some of the stress away, and often it culminates in us getting a cup of tea. Happiness all round in my book.

It does take two of us to put it up as the stage sections are heavy-duty, so if you do hire from us, please let us know if we need to take it upstairs at all. We don't mind, but we do have to take into consideration the time to get your stage set up in plenty of time for your event as there are quite often other people wanting to get onto it to set up the PA systems and whatever else is required for the success of a show or event.

Anyway - there it is. Whatever type of staging you need for events, shows or festivals this winter, whenever you need it, we're at your service. And you can always come round to the office in Olney, to see the stage where we keep two sections as an example, or at our workshop three miles up the road where it is all stored along with the stage trailer.

And you'll be amazed at the great hire price as well!

If you'd like to find out more about anything I've written here, call me on 01234 241357 or leave a comment below and I'll be in touch.