Sparks Olney: Young Directors Creating Suspense On Film

This term, our young film crew are focussing on well-known directors. They are studying the various directing styles and techniques that give these screen legends their iconic and easily identifiable shot composition ...

This weekend we looked at Alfred Hitchcock and how he is well known as The Master of Suspense. Our young film crew created and directed their very own suspense sequence to see just how Hitchcock used a variety of methods to achieve some very suspenseful scenes.

Hitchcock is one of the best directors renowned for creating and directing suspenseful thrillers. But did you know he never won an Oscar for his directing? He was nominated five times, but never won!

His signature technique was using subjectivity which is a point of view shot that puts the audience in the place of the protagonist, so they experience a range of different emotions. Our film crew had a go at this to increase the suspense and anticipation in their movie. We'll share their film with you as soon as it's ready.

"We'll be looking at other directors over the coming weeks, including Steven Spielberg!"

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