Sparks Olney: The Camera Never Lies

We kicked off another term of fun filmmaking at Sparks Olney with the new theme 'the camera never lies'. We've been looking at the myriad of special effects that create blockbusting films ...

For the first few weeks, our expert teachers will show our young film crew a variety of examples of camera trickery and how it is done. Our students will then be part of a specific workshop where they will film small sections of what they have learnt and then write and produce their own film.

The teachers will take a step back so that it is all the work of our students. It allows them to get creative with their ideas, voice their opinions and work as part of a team!

Our sessions are very much hands-on as this is the best way for young people to learn. All students will work on every aspect of creating a film, including directing, acting, costume, continuity, camera operation and more. It allows them to really experience the moviemaking process and get a feel of what they are able to do and what they have a passion for.

Our teachers do tend to edit the final film, due to the time it takes and the computer software, however, we do take the students through the process and ensure they're happy with the final edit before we publish it.

Last term our theme was 'suspense' and we looked at at the work of the great Alfred Hitchcock. Our students put together a fantastic film that created suspense using different camera angles, shot compositions and music. We will share this with you very soon.

"This is going to be another exciting term full of screen magic and special effects!"

It is a great time to join us so whether you are interested in filmmaking or you would just like to learn a new skill, then join us at Sparks Arts Olney every Sunday in term time at The Olney Centre from 10am - 12pm.

Visit our website to find out more or to register for a free trial session.

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