Sparks Olney: On Location At Dickens Of A Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it only means we are getting closer to the famous Olney 'Dickens of a Christmas' on Sunday 5th December ...

It's exciting to be part of this annual local event, not only because it is the first Christmas event in Olney since 2019, but because our Sparks Arts young film crew will be out in force capturing the event live. We'll be using 'Dickens of a Christmas' as an opportunity for our film students to get right into the heart of the action and film all the activities and fun festivities, plus interview members of the public.

"They'll then edit the video and create a marvellous memory for our Olney residents!"

Our crew members are very excited to be taking on this project to try some investigative journalism and live filmmaking. This will take them out of their usual classroom environment and into an exciting on-location movie-making experience.

Being part of 'Dickens of a Christmas' will help boost their confidence and really take them out of their comfort zone. It'll help them also work as a team and develop new skills, including talking to new people, interview skills and filming large crowds.

"It'll be a wonderful experience for them, so we hope you'll be able to help them make a great success of their project!"

If you're aged between 8-14 and interested in learning moviemaking or being part of new and fun experiences, why not join our Sparks Arts Sunday workshops at The Olney Centre.

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