Sparks Olney Is Back With Screen Legends

Sparks Olney filmmaking school returns this term with our next fun filmmaking course for 9-15-year-olds at East Street Community Centre on Sunday the 18th of September from 10am until 12pm ...

This term we will be focusing on 'Screen Legends' and looking at the different styles of directing from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock and others, and how they often break rules to achieve exceptional classic films.

As you may know, film directors control and manage all creative aspects of a film from pre-production right through to the final edit. They are expert storytellers and capture the creative look of the entire movie!

In our sessions, we'll be critiquing a variety of screen legends and discussing each director's unique visual styles and ways of telling a story. As always, our young filmmakers will be getting hands-on with our film equipment and having a go themselves.

Throughout the term they will learn both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking, including pitching, storyboarding, scriptwriting, directing, camera operation, film editing and more. By the end of term, our crew will have devised, developed and directed their very own film.

Our expert filmmaking team of the two Davids and Emily, have been recruited because of their filmmaking background and industry experience. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable and a lot of fun.

Our team will help to ignite imaginations by getting our crew hands-on with real projects, fun challenges, and unforgettable experiences. They will help with storytelling, script writing and all elements that go with making an incredible film. In addition to this great experience, our young film crew will get to work with other like-minded young people from the local area. Who knows who they'll meet?

If you'd like to find out more about this course or you'd like to come for a free taster session, take a look at to find out more.

We'd love to have more crew members join the team.

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