Sparks Olney Is Back For The Summer Term!

filmmaking school for 9 to 14-year-olds is back this Sunday (the 8th of May) from 10am until 12pm at East Street Community Centre, Olney ...

Sparks Olney has been running now for just over 6 months and our team brings a wealth of filmmaking experience to the town. We have been working with a range of young people from in and around the area who have created some fantastic films during their time with us, including:

Whether you want to be in front or behind the camera, there is always a role for you here at Sparks Olney. There is far more to our filmmaking sessions than just pressing the record, button. Students try their hand at everything - directing, photography, editing, screenwriting and even acting.

"We encourage everyone to get fully immersed in the learning and fun!"

Our classes are small so each student can get what they need from each session. Our staff are qualified, and DBS checked. Over the weeks, our students will learn the basics of professional movie-making, which they will put into practice by filming and editing a movie using their new skills and knowledge.

It's all very exciting, so why join Sparks Olney? There are so many reasons why you should be part of our course. Here are our top five:

- Unlock your creativity
- Take on new opportunities and be inspired
- Build on your current skills
- Grow in confidence
- Meet new people

We work on a different theme each term.

Last term we worked with Double Acts and carried out a variety of masterclasses to look at shot compositions, depth, sightlines and more. Here's what the group came up with.

"What equipment do we use?"

We use a variety of different equipment for our students to get a good all-around knowledge of the technical elements involved in making movies. For our age groups, we work with high-quality camcorders, or iPads, as well as equipment including tripods, clapperboards, green screens and lighting reflectors.

For editing, we tend to work with Macs using iMovie. We have so far had some brilliant film edits, with many including the group's favourite animation - the explosion! Our equipment is chosen for its accessibility/ease of use, along with its output quality and durability such as the ability to withstand accidental drops.

Sparks Olney's approach towards using this particular technology is to teach the skills required to use it well and adapt, rather than to train on particular models or setups that may date quickly, or that may not be widely available to learners outside of classes.

"Want to be part of Sparks Olney?"

If you enjoy moviemaking and would like to find out more about what we do, why not come along to one of our free trial sessions to see how you like it. We're sure you'll want to come back! For full information and to register, please see the Sparks Olney website.

We hope to see you soon.

If you'd like to find out more about anything I've written here, call me on 01234 241357 or leave a comment below and I'll be in touch.