Our New Stage Trailer Is Arriving Next Week!

I'm really pleased to confirm that our new stage trailer is on the way and we have a very special offer running in December ...

It's been a while coming and it's arriving next week. I was planning to upgrade to a new stage trailer earlier in 2019, but wanted to make sure I chose the right one. And then I found this one from StageMobil L and I love it!

It packs up slightly more compact than the original one and the difference now is that this one as got wings so we can hang advertising or speakers on each side of it, freeing up stage space for performers!

So, I have a very special offer for December this year and you can hire our new stage trailer for just £850 per day. It'll be perfect for Christmas Lights switch-ons or any other outdoor festive events. This is an excellent price.

Currently, I'm keeping our stage trailer hire company under the VAT threshold, so that is the price you will pay unless we are travelling a long distance in which case we have to charge transport costs, but anything which is within 20-miles of Milton Keynes is fine.

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