Laugh Yourselves Silly With More Ripping Yarns!

Last weekend was another fantastic few days of live theatre at our outdoor venue that our audiences could really sink their teeth into. 'Dracula' and 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' performed by the professional troupe, British Touring Shakespeare, were a huge hit over the bank holiday ...

We had a lot of fun, laughter, fangs and blood - what more could you want? The atmospheric backdrop of The Arches certainly aided the creepy and chilling evening productions of 'Dracula'. The added bats darting about also helped.

"Get ready to laugh yourselves silly with our last production!"

Sadly, we are reaching the last weekend of our summer season of outdoor theatre. To finish the run, local comedy troupe, The Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy (MKTOC), return from the 1st to the 3rd of September with its last instalment of Ripping Yarns created by Michael Palin and Terry Jones of Monty Python fame.

Join us for three more adventures of Ripping Yarns - the Boy's Own adventure parodies:

- 'The Curse Of The Claw': A strange Burmese relic carries a terrible curse that our hero tries to lift to save his family.
- 'Murder At Moorstones': Hugo and Dora drive down to see Mumsie and Dadsie-pie for a long weekend in the country. But their top-hole weekend turns out to be longer than they thought.
- 'Whinfrey's Last Case': Set in 1913, Britain's greatest (and overworked) secret agent takes a much-needed holiday to Cornwall and uncovers a German invasion plot.

Like last year, all profits and contributions from these performances will be donated to The National Brain Appeal's capital appeal to raise money for The Rare Dementia Support Centre, the world's first centre of excellence for rarer dementias. Last time we raised £10,000.

Michael Palin has been in touch to say, "I'm delighted to hear that the legendary Arches Theatre will continue to carry a torch for the Ripping Yarns, which Terry Jones and I so much enjoyed writing. To know that the money from ticket sales will go to the National Brain Appeal, in addition to what you've already raised, is both generous and hugely appreciated.

The team at the National Hospital did so much to help Terry and his family understand his condition and I know that Terry, my dearly-missed co-author, would be as rippingly delighted as myself that three more of our Yarns will be seen at the Arches Theatre this year.

On behalf of Terry, his first wife Alison, and myself we thank all those taking part, all the production team and most of all you, the audience, for helping the work of the National Brain Appeal."

Come join us for some great fun and silliness, whilst raising money for a very worthy cause. Get your tickets here:

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