Labrador Puppies: We Had The Best Christmas Present

We had an exciting Christmas and New Year as we had new Labrador puppies arrive on Christmas Eve ...

So I've included a couple of photos of them. The leader image above is mum Myrtle (for that is her name) happily letting the pups suckle, and the second photo below is her when she needs a rest. She makes it quite clear to the pups they should leave her alone for a while.

"So there are seven black Labrador puppies in total Five bitches and two dogs!"

We are keeping one bitch as we always keep our line running and have done since 1987. However, the other pups are all available for sale. They do go quite quickly as my wife Julie has a great reputation with breeding dogs and as we tend only to breed every two or so years there's always interest. They're £800 each.

Anyway, there you have it. It kept us at home over Christmas and New Year as we take it in turns to keep a close eye on them for the first week or so. On my shift, I watched old DVD's of Rumpole of the Bailey and thoroughly enjoyed both the shows and the antics of the little pups.

Happy New Year and see you next week.

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