Importing Fortune-Telling Fish For Christmas

Every year around Christmas I import thousands of fortune-telling fish into the UK. What? I hear you cry! I didn't know you did that ...

It started about 10 years ago when someone needed 1,000 of them to put into Christmas Crackers and I happened to be importing some magic equipment at the time, so got some put in with that order and fulfilled the cracker order as well.

The ones left over I put onto eBay and ... well ... I was pleasantly surprised at how many people bought these fortune-telling fish at Christmas. It's lots of people! So I carried on importing them every Christmas since and so if you want any, you know where to come to.

"Just to remind you, what they do is to tell your fortune by the way they curl!"

Many people put them at the table on Christmas for a bit of fun and to keep the kids entertained for a while before the sprouts are served up. There's something nostalgic about having them as we all remember them from our childhood.

We sell them in packs of 24 at a cost of £3.95 including p&p, so if you want any just let me know. If you want more then they work out even cheaper.

But there you go. That's my foray into importing fortune-telling fish for Christmas.

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