Fun Filmmaking Sessions Return To Olney This Sunday

Our weekly, fun filmmaking courses return to The Olney Centre in Olney this Sunday. We ended our last term deciding which of our student's film ideas we would develop and make into a film ...

It was a fun process to go through with so many great ideas to choose from and we're looking forward to getting back with our students to set off the usual exciting conversations, creative energy and fresh and new ideas to see how we can work together on making this film a huge success.

Our highly skilled tutors, David and Emily, will refresh our students on the filmmaking process and the elements they have previously learnt as well as teach them some new techniques and more. We want to keep our student's creativity alive enabling them to turn their hand to new ways of thinking and try new things.

So, if you were to join us next week, you will not miss out on anything. Our tutors are extremely supportive, nurturing and knowledgeable and will help all our students to succeed in their time with us.

Our sessions are very much hands-on as this is the best way for young people to learn. It allows them to really experience the moviemaking process and get a feel of what they are able to do and what they have a passion for.

"Interested in joining us?"

If you are interested in signing up, you can either register for our January term that starts this Sunday 8th January 2023 at The Olney Centre from 10am - 12pm or you can come along to a free taster session.

You can find out more at our website.

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