Documentary Filmmaking Coming To Sparks Olney

During this week's filmmaking session, our young crew finished off their special effects workshop by looking at visual tricks and techniques they can use to create illusions and wow factors in their next film ...

Next week we are moving on to documentary filmmaking, which our students are very excited about. There is a lot to think about before we can start capturing raw footage in terms of what the subject will be on, what is it intended for e.g. education, history, instruction, fun; how it will be composed and structured and then how it will be presented to the audience.

As always, the documentary will be based on our student's ideas and they'll take on all the creative responsibilities. Ultimately, they will end up with a documentary that showcases their skills, creativity and what they have learnt during the sessions.

"Has our documentary filmmaking session already got you thinking? Is this something you'd like to be part of?"

It is a great project to get stuck into, but don't worry if you don't have any filmmaking experience already. You will learn everything you need from our expert teachers who will teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to be able to make a movie. Just wanting to be involved and getting hands-on with these filmmaking sessions is enough.

If you are interested in signing a young person up for our weekly term time workshops, you can either register online now or come along with them for a free taster session at The Olney Centre from 10am until 12pm on Sunday 29th January.

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