Bringing Stories To Life With Creative Script Writing

This week our creative young filmmakers have been focussing on script writing which is a key feature of our sessions where our filmmakers learn how to produce their own film script ...

They have been learning how to carry out storytelling for screen formats and honing their skills to develop a creative voice. The theme this week was to look at heroes and anti-heroes. Our film crew focused on how to structure a plot, how to build these characters and how to write effective screen dialogue, all within a three-act structure.

"This is where the story is divided neatly into three parts: a beginning, a middle and an end!"

Once the teams had written their script, it was time to get hands-on with shooting their scenes and of course a spot of acting and directing. We'll share these creative videos from our brilliant young crew with you very soon. We are certainly very impressed with their first try at this.

At Sparks Olney, we focus on practical and visual approaches toward screenwriting, with activities including improvisation and workshop techniques, rather than traditional reading and writing activities. The film that this group will be creating in the second half of the term will be entered into an award. Currently, it is open to the team to decide what the film will cover.

"The group, as always, will decide democratically!"

If you would like to get involved in what could be an award-winning film or be part of weekly fun filmmaking courses, then register for a free trial session today. We meet every Sunday at the East Street Community Centre in Olney from 10am-12pm.

We'd love you to join us.

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