Add Movie-Making To Your After School Clubs

If you are looking to add a new session to your after school clubs, which is fun, creative and sociable; how about a movie-making course? At Sparks Olney, we create inspiring opportunities for young people aged between 9 and 14 ...

Our workshops enable young filmmakers to step into all the roles you'll find on a real film set. They take on the directing, the camera work, all the crewing, as well as shining on screen in all the starring roles too. Sessions offer students the chance to work on their own productions, exploring a new theme and different techniques each term.

"This allows them to develop their ideas and skills!"

Our action-packed workshops are delivered by an experienced team who not only explore the fundamentals of film-making, but help boost imagination, confidence and practical skills. We have all the movie-making equipment needed to carry out these sessions, all we need is a classroom and some students who are hungry to learn!

The Sparks Olney team would welcome the opportunity of bringing our movie-making course to your school and sparking your student's imaginations with our new and exciting workshops. If you're interested in finding out more, take a look at our website and contact us for further details.

"We offer free taster sessions too!"

We also hold a weekly course at The Olney Centre, Olney each Sunday 10am until 12pm. Why not come along for a free taster session to see how you like it? No experience is necessary.

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